Valentine’s Day with FGD Melbourne

melb valentineLast Wednesday marked the 6th annual Valentine’s celebration for Farrar Gesini Dunn in Melbourne, and as the smell of 7.00 am caffeine mingled with hot fresh croissants you just knew it was a morning not to be missed.

This year was our first attempt at hosting breakfast and despite the painfully early alarms required, there was no shortage of early risers jostling through the doors of Little Billy to spend the morning with us – we are positively chuffed to say the least!

Guests emerged through an archway of burgundy and pink balloons into a room laden with colourful treats and good company. Coffee orders were in high demand, and if that wasn’t enough to spark attention, the roaming smashed avocado and pastry banquets surely did the trick.

Animated chatter was complemented throughout the morning by sounds of Norah Jones performed by one of our own (FGD PA by day – singer and pianist by night). All too quickly the time came for our guests to disperse, but not before picking up a bag of fresh ‘morning tea’ macarons and a mini bottle of bubbles for the road.

Although it may seem a little curious, and perhaps even controversial to be celebrating Valentine’s Day in our profession, the day for us is an opportunity to thank our work families and extended networks for their dedication and commitment to us over the past year.

To paraphrase Director Sarah Keenan’s morning address, our business thrives on connections. It is therefore only fitting we shower our nearest and dearest in ‘hearts and flowers’ (or in this case ‘pastries and piccolos’) to show our appreciation for the great relationships we share. It is these relationships that so often lead clients through our doors that may otherwise never have known us. Likewise, it is not unusual for our clients to find themselves needing advice that reaches beyond our expertise in family law and estate planning. In these instances, having a wealth of connections to recommend in all areas is an invaluable asset to the service we offer.

Overall, our breakfast was a great success and we were delighted to catch up with so many friendly faces. We look forward to further strengthening these relationships and in turn our service to our clients in the year ahead so we can do this all again with you next Valentine’s Day.

A big thank you to Little Billy for their outstanding hospitality and assistance with the event, and to StyleLuxe – décor extraordinaires – for working your magic on our breakfast banquet.

Natasha Lieschke is a PA in our Melbourne Office.

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