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Cristina Cocchiaro

senior solicitor

modern lawyer
Cristina was first drawn to FGD because it is a law firm that has a “Why” not just a “What”. Cristina likes to ask “Why?” to better understand a person’s motivations and gain an appreciation for what makes them tick. Having worked exclusively in family law she has found a real passion in this niche area of law. Cristina practices with decency, empathy and an understanding of interests over positions. People say Cristina is a contender with a no nonsense kind of attitude. This ultimately allows her to relate to clients and professionals alike. Cristina is pragmatic and logical, sensible and reasonable.

particular strengths
Respectful communications with everyone, always.
Settlements to keep matters out of court.
Litigation (if necessary) run smoothly and sensibly.

real person
Cristina is originally from Adelaide but made the move to the big smoke about 3 years ago and has never looked back! Cristina loves all things food, beer and wine! Don’t get her started about how she became Australia’s Beer Pouring Champion and competed in Argentina in the World Competition! No, she didn’t win but that is another story

favourite things
To do: Playing with her 6 nieces and nephews.
Food: Pizza, pasta, bread (of course, her heritage is Italian).
Life goals: Travel the rest of the world she hasn’t quite reached yet.
Motto: Don’t just show up, stand out!

Long Black – Straight up


Direct Line: 03 8376 7000