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Tom Mainwaring


modern lawyer
Tom approaches every task with enthusiasm and an open mind and he never shies away from a challenge. From studying architecture to working with one of Australia’s most renowned furniture designers, Tom has a wealth of life experience and a unique approach to problem-solving which he applies to his more recent field in family law. He prides himself on being able to engage with people from all backgrounds and lends a non-judgmental ear to clients’ issues.

particular strengths
Non-traditional family structures
Parenting matters
Collaborative law

real person
Tom has a French bulldog named Hank that he mentions at every opportunity, much to the annoyance of his colleagues. He likes to build things and tinker around the house, but has a tendency to leave things more broken than he found them. He spends many weekends at his family farm in Gippsland and claims he is ‘fixing the place up’, evidence of this has yet to be produced.

favourite things
AFL team: North Melbourne
Food: Cheese and wine
Film: Die Hard

Long black

Direct Line: 03 8376 7000