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How We Charge

We see time differently

We give you choice about we charge.  Depending on what works best for your matter we can do:

  1. Hourly rate (time is billed based on 6 minute units at the hourly rate of the person doing the work)
  2. Fixed fee.  This might be a fixed fee for a stage or for the matter overall;
  3. Monthly fee.  You pay the specified amount each month regardless of how much work we do;
  4. A tailor made option.  Depending on your case there may be other ways that we can assess how we charge.

No matter which option you choose we will always give you information about the different options and pathways in your case and the costs of each of those pathways as well as an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the approach so that you can make an informed decision.

We will also talk to you about costs at any point at no charge.

If you’d like to talk to us call us on 03 8376 7000  or send us a message to set up and appointment.