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Why Choose Us?

We’re good. We’re really good.  How? Let’s tell you:

We know the law, but that’s a given.  Any client who goes to see a lawyer assumes that they know the law, but that isn’t always the case.  Some lawyers write learned articles in journals or long articles on their website, or talk at conferences to prove they know what they’re talking about.  We do that too but more importantly we explain the law in clear, understandable terms.  It takes someone who really understands something to be able to explain it clearly.

We understand process.  We talk about the difference between collaboration and litigation (and mediation and all the ‘shuns’) because they matter.  They matter to our clients and how they feel about what they’re going through, how much they pay, and what the outcome looks like. The right process is the difference between feeling good (ok, let’s be realistic, not terrible) about a separation and feeling terrible.

We treat you like you.  All lawyers say they’re client focussed.  Sometimes that means something sometimes it doesn’t.  For us it’s about doing what you need us to do, not what we want.  That applies to what seem like small things such as whether you prefer phone calls or emails or letters or drawings, to giving you the information you need to make your own decisions with as much guidance and help as you want.  No individual is exactly like the other and no case is exactly like the other.  We get that.

We see time differently.  Some firms charge only an hourly rate.  Some charge only on ‘value pricing’.  We do what works for you.  That doesn’t mean that we’re cheap, but we are upfront and transparent about costs; we will give you options of different ways to approach issues, with pros and cons and what it would mean for costs.  We put you in the driver’s seat in deciding how you spend your money.

All in all, we’re not like the others.

If you’d like to talk to us call us on 03 8376 7000  or send us a message to set up and appointment.