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Why We Collaborate

For most people and for most cases, it just makes more sense.

Collaboration is a process which has at its heart transparency, efficiency, and logic.

All the parties to a collaboration sign a contract saying that they will not go to Court, including the lawyers.  The lawyers are engaged to help you reach agreement not to fight.  If we can’t help you reach an agreement then we have to stop acting for you.  Rather than being a bad thing, it means that:

  • The lawyers don’t get paid to create problems and they don’t financially benefit from a fight;
  • They give you sensible, reasonable advice and help you generate solutions;
  • Everyone talks openly and honestly without fear of what a Court might say;
  • We focus on what matters to you as individuals not just what a judge thinks is important;
  • You control the process including the time, the budget, the agenda;
  • You’re not left on your own in negotiations.

Collaborations can be structured in different ways.  The process can involve other professionals to streamline things, to help create a better outcome and to level the playing field.  Those professionals might be a financial expert to create options to fund two households, the business accountant so that we can understand a business rather than fight over its value on paper, a child specialist to help resolve parenting issues or a psychologist to help work on communication and other issues so that the process is as smooth as possible.

There’s a lot of other information about collaboration so if you don’t believe us that it’s as good as we say some other resources you can look at are:


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