We are family and estate planning lawyers. Our goal is to help and empower people with compassion and innovation.

But we do things differently. We are experts in all areas of family law and estate planning matters, and we help you to resolve matters either in Court or with Collaborative Law, which we are passionate about. We have offices in both Melbourne and Canberra but because we are a paperless office and have the best electronic capabilities going around we can help you with your family law or estate planning matter regardless of where you live or happen to be.


We’re tough. We’re expert. We’re experienced. But most of all we treat you as an individual.

Our lawyers will listen to your needs and what it is that you want, and help you find the right process and result that works for you.

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what we do

Find solutions that fit.

Doctors diagnose and then treat. They work on the basis of providing the least invasive solution to their patient's problem.

So do we.

We take a medical approach to family law. We talk to the patient to find out what difficulties they are having and run some tests. Then we make an informed diagnosis, and help you decide on the treatment that's best for your situation.

That's why we are experts at a whole range of process options, and we'll help you to make a difficult process easier.

We will listen to you so that we have a holistic understanding of your situation, and we'll find the process and the outcome that suits you best.

why choose fgd?

we see time differently

We offer you the choice of how you are charged. We break the traditional mould by offering you more than just time based billing.

we’re top dogs

FGD was one of the first firms in Australia to specialise in family law. We have now branched out into other areas of relationship law including wills and estate planning, which is enhanced by our family law expertise. We can provide you with skilled advice in the gamut of relationship matters.

we find solutions that fit

We recognise that you are a person, and not a legal matter.   We listen to what you want and provide advice that is tailored to your needs given your particular circumstances. Our lawyers (whether it be in divorce or estate planning) focus on the outcome that is best for you.

we collaborate

We believe in Collaboration because we’ve seen it work for families time and time again. By engaging in Collaborative Law, you can control the outcome of your family law matter and avoid Family Court.

Your choice of lawyer

meet the team
Law Institute Victoria

When I unfortunately went through a very bitter divorce a few years ago I found you to be very professional and compassionate and you gave me the confidence and surety to keep fighting what seemed to be “an uphill battle”. You were very thorough in your preparation and detail and I really believe you have what it takes to rise to the top in your field.

Client Testimonial

Dearest Dara, what a wonderful woman you are!  Many thanks for all you did in getting us the outcome we needed for our children.  I am eternally grateful for your perseverance and foresight.  I thank my lucky stars every day for leading me to you.

Client Testimonial

The world is a better place because of people like you.

Client Testimonial

Hi Frank.  A big thank you for your care and attention yesterday – it was such a relief.  As I drove home yesterday the only word to describe how I felt was surreal!

Client Testimonial

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for taking me and my case on board and representing me in a very long drawn out settlement. Your support, empathy and guidance has been exceptional and I cannot thank you enough…

Client Testimonial

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about how pleased we are with Ms. Isaacson. On our first meeting she was able to come up impressive and viable strategies off the cuff that we employed to our benefit.  When it came to the news that, frankly, we did not want to hear, she informed us kindly and with absolute legal clarity.  She asks the right questions, is skilled in overall strategy and legal detail, and to top it all off, has the warmth and kindness that allows us to hear the law.

Client Testimonial

Thanks Sarah for everything you have achieved for me, especially, of course, today which was truly stunning given the catastrophes that filled my mind… You and … made a brilliant and powerful team.  I am deeply impressed with … and wish to thank you for securing his services.  Please let him know that I am forever grateful for his total professionalism and authoritative personal manner. A remarkable result.  FGD is an extraordinarily talented company

Client Testimonial

Family Law News

Brexit: A traditional divorce or collaborative law?

The international news has been dominated recently about “Brexit”, namely the outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom in favour of leaving the European Union by 52% to 48%. As someone who grew up in England and remains a British citizen, I’ve been paying particularly close attention, not simply because of my background but […]


Self Managed Super Fund News – Deadline 30 June 2016


SMSF Borrowing – New Safe Harbour Guidelines & deadline for borrowing arrangements to be made arms length

From time to time the ATO issues Practical Compliance Guidelines (“PCG”) which are designed to provide taxpayers an idea of where the safe harbours are in the sometimes murky waters of taxation compliance.

The most recent PCG issued was PCG 2016/5 “Income tax – arm’s length terms for Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements established by self managed superannuation funds” (“the ATO Guideline”).

Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (“LRBAs”) are an exception to the general rule that prohibits self managed superannuation funds (“SMSFs”) from borrowing.  In summary an LRBA is one where an SMSF can borrow to buy certain investments where the property is held in a bare trust structure and the recourse that the lender has is limited

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